I have had many roles in the software industry including interactive designer, user experience researcher, manager, to product director. Through my experiences I continue to learn how to best solve problems for customers with simple, delightful interactions. 

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My Process

I strongly believe that processes will morph based on situations. However I never lose sight of these steps:

  • Observe: What are our customers doing?

  • Identify: What are these observations telling us? What problems have we identified?

  • Curate: Based on strategy, market, and resources which problems do we want to solve first?

  • Design: Let’s get creative! What can we provide as solutions? 

  • Increment: Let’s break down those ideas into the first steps forward.

  • Test: Try these ideas first. Are they right? Will they solve the original problem?

  • Deploy: Build those solutions and ship them!

  • Start Again: Now that you are done, observe again and learn the next increment.

This process is not only proven to work, it is fun. The key is having everyone present. As a team you can build some really wonderful solutions, and through this process those ideas can get to customers faster due to strong team alignment.


If you would like to chat more about this process and how it can benefit your product, or see some examples of it in action, please reach out to me via email at tania.o.mccormack@gmail.com.